The execution project and production drawings, sometimes referred to as work drawings, are complete sets of drawings that detail the production and installation of the product. Our production line and machine workers as well as surveillance, use production drawings. Engineers also use orthographic or pictorial images called “work cases” to visualize their ideas. These preliminary drawings are used as a basis for component parts and assembly drawings. Production drawings are data made by a design team for use by a construction or production team whose main purpose is to define the size, shape, position and construction of a building or component.

Specifications of materials and components are usually found in the title part of the drawing. As a rule, the assemblies (or main components of the components) are shown, and the drawing drawings can determine where each component will be constructed. Production drawings also record the number of parts required for the assembly of a particular unit and may be an integral part of the documentation required for the production authorization of the described item.

The engineering drawing is a type of technical drawing used to completely and clearly define the requirements for the designed items. More than just drawing pictures it is a language – a graphical language that conveys ideas and information from one participant to another in a particular project.

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