The most commonly custom furniture products are built-in wardrobes. Because of the possibility of adjusting to any space, the built-in closets are a real hit. Due to mass production, they are no longer too expensive and available to everyone. The sliding door is usually installed on the cabinet, but it can also be plain and can be literally installed in all areas.

Smartly used every inch of space, tailored to the size of the room owner or apartment in which it is located – these are the basic features but also the advantages of each built-in closet. For this reason, an increasing number of clients are in the repair of the home instead of the classic picking cabinets, not only in the bedrooms, but also in the kitchen, hallways, living rooms and balconies. Such wardrobes bring many benefits and are more demanding. They are more functional for as much as 40% of the classic because there is no space loss. It is easier to maintain them because the sliding doors are closed from floor to ceiling. Also, the sliding door mechanism brings savings in space and because of the quality of sliding fittings longer than the classic. However, in order to have your cabinet met all your requirements and flawlessly served you, you have to know several important facts before embedding.

MANUFACTURER AND MATERIALS – The more favorable price offered by a particular manufacturer or company is not a reason to prevail for you to opt for it. The same applies to the material from which you want a closet – its durability will mostly depend on it. Do not save on wood, glass and other materials, especially on sliding door guides – be made of aluminum as well as profiles. In addition, the quality of the wheel is also important. They carry the full weight of the door and worse, cheaper versions can lead to their deformation and problems opening the door. Also, you could hear the ugly scratching of the door frame on the top guide.

CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE AND PRICE – Before you go into the order, consider the internal schedule. Plan the shelves and storage space for drawers, and choose whether to have a light, mirror, and a garbage basket in the closet. Some hold the shoes in the closet, so think about that option.

PAIRS AND CURTAINS – Today’s fronts, in addition to full wood and gravel, work in combination with glass, plastic, photo print … the possibilities are indeed countless.