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What determines the success and future of a company that deals with designing, furnishing interior and treating wood? Of course, many factors are involved. With quality and substantial investment in experimentation, which is without a justification, one of the most important factors is the production capacity of the company associated with the ability to provide services and the desire to reach the international markets.

diMetria through working on all the projects so far and dedicating itself to acquiring new knowledge knows this very well. We decided to invest the energy and resources in creating a different style by focusing not only on the design of designer furniture collections but also on custom made furniture.

Such an approach to work is our continuous challenge! Regardless of whether it is a luxurious private home, place or apartment, diMetria, through its previous projects, shows its focus on creating a different one. Depending on the demands of life and the types of interiors that are created within the company and on the spot, using highly specialized creative and manufacturing solutions we produce custom-made furniture to meet all your requirements.